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Structures of freedom!

Karika - An ephemeral courtyard, is our proposal for the Structures of Freedom competition, for the Sziget festival!

Karika is a temporary structure with an iconic look. it provides shade, shelter and serves as a meeting space for Sziget visitors during the day as well as the night. Karika-Shape: Based on the ancient architectural typology of a courtyard, the pavilion creates a comfortable space within its permeable enclosure that allows festival visitors to momentarily escape the crowds. A circular boundary defines an introverted but absorptive space, a gesture of enclosure able to communicate with its surrounding.

Karika-Structure: The structural frame of ‘Karika’ is constructed using standard scaffolding bars. This makes the structure nearly indestructible and very easy to assemble. In fact, this construction system is highly flexible and does not require highly skilled labourers to build it. As part of a low-cost construction strategy, these scaffolding bars could be rented for the duration of the festival and taken back by the lender afterwards, making this proposal highly sustainable.

Karika-Façade: The skin of the pavilion is a translucent safety shrink-wrap, commonly used on construction sites. This inexpensive and temporary material performs as an acoustic barrier that is able to reduce noise up to 5dB. Moreover it is a completely waterproof screen that provides shade from the sun and shelter from the wind, making the internal space pleasant and comfortable.

Karika-Interior: The floor and the furniture of ‘Karika’ are made out of construction-grade chipboard. It is a strong and durable material, that has warm tone and ‘hip’ feel. These features make the chipboard a perfect choice for a pleasant and contemporary interior of this semi-enclosed pavilion.

Karika-Lighting: The pavilion makes itself visible on a field during the day thanks to its tall and ‘broken’ roofline. White wrapping material reflects sunlight, making Karika a shining beacon, visible from afar. During the night, LED strips light up behind the translucent façade, creating a cosy internal atmosphere, and making pavilion visible from the distance like a lantern in the dark. LED strips are inexpensive and require low level of energy.

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