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London Design Biennale 2021

Our team of expert fabricators worked with a collective of designers from the MENA region to manufacture a series of sculptures currently exhibited at the Somerset House for the London Design Biennale 2021.

The collective of designers, called "Designers in the Middle", designed a series of heterogeneous and engaging artworks inspired by their Levantine heritage with a contemporary look at themes of nomadism, craft, tradition and diversity. All art pieces are made using materials sponsored by Finsa UK. The exhibition theme is "Stream of Consciousness" and is set up as a Casbah to symbolise coexistence and harmony of cultures.

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Heather Heaton and Aurora Isla Maranon (Finsa), Rona Meyuchas (Kukka), Kirsten Martin (KMC), Suzanne Trocme', Dylan Drake (Video), Stefano Casati, Sebastian Costa (Produck), Micaela Costa, Andrea Campenni, Jason Lam.

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