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#Muerte sculptures inspired a theater play at #HAUT in Copenhagen!

#HAUT is pleased to present the work view 'Tomb with a view', as a culmination of the group's #Exile at #HAUT. The work view is free and open to everyone.

Death is linked to the meaning of our existence. Yet we rarely talk about death. In particular, its challenges in urban societies in an overcrowded planet: How to make it sustainable, for example, when 90,000 tonnes of steel are buried in the United States alone every year, and the world should devote another 6,500 sqm to the dead in 2050 - more than five Times the size of New York City. Death is currently an industry that consumes resources and space on an unsustainable global scale. Therefore, we ask whether it is necessary to consider how the framework around death should look like in the future? And how can this be done?

We explore how to translate facts, interviews, and death talks into a form of history that enables dialogue on the historical, practical, emotional, and religious aspects of death. We question whether we are all entitled to our 2 sqm when we go away, and fantasize about a future that may look different.

Under #Eksil at #HAUT, we bring together our three artistic professions and examine how sound, image and performance can form part of a common expression, where they both support and challenge each other.

The project takes its starting point in the architectural, visual essay on the death #TheMagnificentSeven created by Belgian architect Lieve Smout, with the architect duo Boano Prišmontas. These urban sculptures, together with sound collages created by voices, are really from places where death is ‘and’ music, the backdrop to our performance on death in the city.


Producer, performer and playwright Lise Aagaard Knudsen

Scene designer Lieve Smout

Sound designer Anne Neimann Clement


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