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What Does the Graphical Data Look Like in a Dissertation?

A histogram is a bar graph. Most often they are used to reflect the dynamics of a particular indicator or to compare several fragments of the same type. The determines the color scheme independently, taking into account the basic requirements for the design of dissertation materials.

Creating a histogram is easy. It is enough to execute the “Insert-Chart-Histogram” command in the Word package, and then it remains to fill in the required fields, select a color scheme and click “OK”. Charting is done in a similar way. Graphs are presented as lines on a certain plane or coordinate system. They demonstrate the dependence of certain indicators, their dynamics, etc.

What should the chart look like?

On one graph, both dons and several dependencies can be reflected. It is only important to correctly identify them. Another graphical option is the chart. Outwardly, it looks like a "cut pie", each of the parts of which will have its own designation. This form of presentation is often used by statisticians, sociologists, economists to reflect the shares of specific elements, analysis, etc.

Draw a chart

For example, the blue part of the figure could indicate the share of positive comments about the company, the red part - the share of neutral comments, the green part - the share of negative comments, and the purple part - the share of abstaining respondents. If a certain mechanism or algorithm is traced in the text, then it can be presented in the form of a diagram, and then all the necessary actions, the essence of the figure, are described under it.

How to arrange graphic data in the dissertation?

Please note that the requirements are the same for all types of dissertations and scientific papers. They are regulated. All diagrams, charts, graphs, histograms and other elements are referred to as "drawing". Directly below the drawing, must indicate "fig." (it is also acceptable to write the word “drawing” in full), assign it a serial number, and then reflect the name that reflects its essence. All information about the figure is located strictly below it. The graphic material itself should be placed in the center of the page.

Further in the text, you can repeatedly mention it, marking it in brackets in the test (Fig. 1, etc.). Creating and designing drawings and other schematic materials does not take much time. The main thing is to competently cooperate important data and transform it from text into a graphic format. Please note that tables are not always referred to as graphical data and are formatted differently.

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