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Now making up to 6,000 new visors!

Hi everyone, here's an update of the last 2 weeks of work on the Face shield project for the front line NHS workers.

We developed a new face shield prototype, based on the design by Foster, and we managed to lower our unit costs for materials and manufacturing. Now, the new face shields are produced by using just a laser cutter.

We worked hard to source materials, as many suppliers across the UK are out of stock. We called many companies and finally managed to get more plastic sheets. The front visor and its structure are now both made with transparent 240mu RPET, and the head strap is made with 1mm silicone. All elements are now easier to clean, and can possibly be used multiple times.

We already delivered a new batch of visors to St. Thomas Hospital and King's College, and we are now working hard to make up to 6,000 units. This will be possible thanks to BDP, Sketchup and Elmtec that supported our project, thanks to the donations on the GoFundMe page (link below), and thanks to a team of amazing volunteers that helped us in this challenge!

We will keep you updated on the results

Tomaso & Jonas



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