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Building of the year 2020 - Vote for us!

The Arches project has been selected by Archdaily for the Building of the year 2020 awards. To help us winning, please vote following the link below!

The Arches project is a pilot project we developed with Meanwhile Space, Lambeth Council and the Mayor of London. The project is a urban strategy that seeks to transform disused spaces across London into affordable workspaces.

A tenant that temporarily rents a railway arch, often doesn't want to invest the necessary capital to refurbish the space. The arches are often in bad conditions, cold, damp and with the impossibility to fix any insulation or structure on the arch vault, since the whole London arches are listed.

Our project bypasses these constraints and creates a digitally fabricated modular free-standing structure. Each component of the structure comes in a flat pack as a kit of parts easy to assemble, even by unskilled people. Should the lease of the tenant have to terminate in advance, the capital invested in purchasing the structure, stays with the tenant as a company asset. In fact the whole structure can be dismantled and then moved and rebuilt at a new location. Due to the modularity of the system, the design can infill spaces of any shape or form.

Vote for us!


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