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Design // Boano Prišmontas with Titas Grikevičius

Manufacturing // Boano Prišmontas 

Special Thanks to // Jonathan Cardy, Jason Lam, Dylan Drake

Boano Prišmontas collaborated with Titas Grikevičius in designing a digitally fabricated modular structure. The system comprises of two basic elements, the joints, and the connectors. The cross-shaped joints are slotted together without using glue or screws but just relying on the shape of the plywood cut that allows them to snap together creating a strong connection. On the joints, the connectors are bolted on. These can be of different shapes, allowing the structure to cover bigger spans or having the roof structure shaped like an arch or a pitched roof, among others. The system is quick to mount and dismount. The external cladding can vary depending on the intended use. 

POD is designed for the event industry and for street markets. It can be used for design shows to offer a high-end pod alternative to the standard stalls that are rented out per sqm at design events. It can also be used by councils and local actors to activate the urban scene with food stalls and temporary pop-up markets.

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