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We are a London-based architectural & creative firm, founded by 

Tomaso Boano and Jonas Prišmontas.


The studio adopts a creative and hands-on approach as a strategic tool to propose design solutions to the contemporary world. 


Each project draws inspiration from, and combines, various aspects of, art,

architecture, and technology.


We like to play, craft, design, make, question, investigate, and challenge ourselves and

the world around us.

We started our workshop to prototype and manufacture our structural systems, bespoke furniture, and design solutions.

Our services now include: 

  • bespoke furniture

  • exhibition stands

  • temporary partitions

  • office pods

  • dry-joint structural systems

  • prototyping & moulding

  • formwork

  • model making

  • artwork manufacturing


Most of our design pieces started as an opportunity to play with shapes and finishes, as well as testing material properties and joinery details.

In our shop, you'll find a collection of our favorite design pieces that can be purchased and delivered at yours!


You will also find some of our artworks, graphics and gadgets.

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